EU Concept Note and Proposal Co-creation support

P4ID has a long history of successful fundraising from the EU, having worked with a range of NGOs through the application process.

Services on offer range from a full package of support from PADOR to PROSPECT, or a lighter touch language check prior to submission. The full range of support comprises:

  • Registration on PADOR (mandatory for all  lead organisations irrespective of nationality)
  • Bid writing – Concept Note and Full Proposal
  • Bid mentoring – Concept Note and Full Proposal
  • Submission via PROSPECT (the EU online application system)

We have found that a Concept Note takes approximately 3 days, depending on the quality of information we are working with and a Full Proposal can take up to 10 days.

We are able to work flexibly and at short notice. We have found that the deadlines approach faster than people realise, and then there is not sufficient capacity in-house to meet that deadline.

This is were P4ID can step in to help!

P4ID has worked with and secured significant EU funds for: