Programme and Proposal development

More and more donors are favouring collaborative or consortia working in order to implement the programmes they wish to fund. Whilst no organisation should force itself to fit with donor requirements, the reality is that more and more organisations are having to do so.

In terms of working collaboratively, P4ID believes that this is a good thing – and for this reason advises working with its Partnership Development activities for more effective and stronger proposal / programme development.

What P4ID can do to help build your project / programme proposal:

  • Complete bid writing service – from Concept Note to Full Proposal
  • Mentoring your team through the project formulation and bid writing process
  • Facilitate a highly interactive set of workshop sessions that will help organisations work through the various stages of proposal development – from an initial concept note to full proposal – in conjunction with the Partnership Development sessions. Topics covered in the Programme / Proposal Development workshops might include, but not limited to:
    • Working through project aims and objectives
    • Planning your partnership and programme
    • Challenges to the programme and overcoming those challenges
    • Resource mapping – who can provide what (hard and soft inputs)
    • Alignment of institutional protocols and procedures
    • Staffing requirements
    • Finance and budgeting
    • Communications strategy
    • Impact and uptake strategies
    • Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning
    • Developing a Theory of Change

P4ID has particular experience in securing funding from the EU. Click here to find out more