About P4ID

P4ID is a unique organisation combining partnership strengthening with programme and proposal development for the international development community.

With many funders now requiring a consortium approach, strong collaborations have never been more important. However, international development presents some specific challenges as most collaborations are geographically spread over several time zones and comprise a wide range of actors requiring a multi-stakeholder approach.

A strong partnership ensures effective programme implementation. Whilst many partnerships tend to focus initially on the ideas and the programme itself, the health of the partnership is often overlooked – building trust, managing expectations and making sure everyone is clear about their roles and responsibilities are critical to establish at the outset. If a collaboration is one degree out before the programme starts, a year down the line it could be dramatically off course.

P4ID has a particular focus on the preparation of EU bids, providing a full service encompassing reigstration on PADOR, co-creating Concept Notes and Full Proposals with organisations and submitting via PROSPECT.

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